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Spark Plugs—Signs They Need to Be Replaced

Posted on October 30, 2019

Don’t know what spark plugs are? No need to worry, you aren’t the only one. Spark plugs are the most commonly overlooked components of your car engine.

There are several problems you are likely to face in case they stop working properly. Your car would start consuming too much fuel and the engine’s performance would be affected. In extreme cases, it would prevent your car from starting.

What Are Spark Plugs?
Spark plugs are attached to the top of the car engine’s cylinder. The engine coil sends them high voltage shocks, which creates electric sparks.

The spark ignites the mixture of air and fuel in the chamber. It also takes heat away from the chamber. The process occurs more than a thousand times in a minute and ensures that your car keeps moving.

The number of plugs in a car varies. It depends on how many cylinders your car engine has, for example, an engine with four cylinders will have four plugs.

Now that you have a better idea about what spark plugs are, let’s look at some signs which indicate that the plug needs to be replaced:

Your Car Doesn’t Start

Car not starting? Usually, when people face this problem they assume the fault lies with the battery or that the fuel level of the car is low. What they don’t know is that a worn-out spark plug can also result in the battery draining.

Harsh weather conditions might be the reason the plug is worn out. Or maybe it’s just because the plug is too old.

Car Consuming Too Much Fuel

Have you noticed your car consuming too much fuel? Once again damaged or worn out spark plugs might be the culprit. They result in incomplete combustion, which has an impact on your car’s fuel economy.

Engine’s Misfiring

An engine misfire results in your car stopping for a brief moment before starting again. Initially, it might happen just once however, if you ignore this problem for long, it might turn into something worse.

An engine misfire is a sign that one of the spark plugs isn’t firing properly and needs to be replaced.

Lack of Acceleration

You put your foot down on the accelerator and yet you do not notice any changes in your vehicle’s speed. This is another sign of a worn-out spark plug.

In order to counter this problem, have your car serviced. Take your vehicle to a car repair mechanic and get the plugs replaced.

We can help. Smitty’s auto repair shop is based in Gainesville. We offer a wide range of services, which include oil changes, tune-ups, and engine repair. Contact us at (353) 373-3060.

Author: xbtmom

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